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In an age where the authenticity of digital media is increasingly called into question, Verifiction emerges as a beacon of trust and reliability. Our suite of cutting-edge technologies stands at the forefront of combating the proliferation of manipulated videos, safeguarding against the spread of misinformation and preserving the integrity of digital content.

Deepfake Detector
Verifiction's Deepfake Detector is a robust tool designed to tackle the growing threat of manipulated videos. By meticulously analyzing video footage frame by frame, it discerns between authentic content and deepfake fabrications. With its real-time capabilities, the detector acts as a vigilant guardian, preventing the spread of misinformation and ensuring the integrity of digital media.
Deepfake Authenticator
Verifiction's Deepfake Authenticator offers comprehensive protection against the insidious manipulation of digital content. Not only does it safeguard against AI manipulation, but it also defends against the abuse of deepfake technology. By verifying video authenticity and certifying content integrity, the Authenticator ensures that creators' rights are upheld, empowering them to share their work with confidence in an increasingly digital landscape.
Deepfake Protector
Verifiction's Deepfake Protector provides an extra layer of security by certifying video authenticity through digital watermarks. These watermarks serve as a seal of approval, assuring viewers of the unaltered nature of the content they consume. In addition to safeguarding content integrity, the Protector also protects creators' rights, providing them with the assurance that their work remains uncompromised in the face of digital manipulation.

Our Team

Discover Verifiction's dynamic team, united by a shared mission to combat deepfake manipulation, bringing diverse expertise and passion for technological innovation.

Charles Gadalla


Meet Charles Gadalla, Verifiction's CEO and industry luminary. With a stellar track record at Pure Storage, Commvault, MicroStrategy, and more, Charles is a visionary leader driving innovation in Advanced Analytics and Cloud-based initiatives. Charles is now at the driving seat of Verifiction, driving us towards success.



Principal at Varshney Capital Corp, a Vancouver financial firm since 1991 co-founded Pyfera Growth Capital and Humanitas Smart Planet Fund, both focusing on social impact. He has been recognized with Business in Vancouver's 40 Under 40 Awards and the 2020 Greater Vancouver Board of Trade Wendy McDonald Diversity Awards Outstanding Mentor award.

Uddeshya Agrawal


Uddeshya Agarwal is a multidisciplinary developer who has delivered creative and engaging solutions across static, dynamic, e-commerce, and social media. His works have been in newspapers since he was a child prodigy in Tech. He has a knack for deploying solutions that fuels our creativity.

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