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Charles Gadalla


Meet Charles Gadalla, Verifiction's CEO and industry luminary. With a stellar track record at Pure Storage, Commvault, MicroStrategy, and more, Charles is a visionary leader driving innovation in Advanced Analytics and Cloud-based initiatives. Charles is now at the driving seat of Verifiction, driving us towards success

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Principal at Varshney Capital Corp, a Vancouver financial firm since 1991 co-founded Pyfera Growth Capital and Humanitas Smart Planet Fund, both focusing on social impact. Co-Founder of TSX: MPVD, known for its Gahcho Kue project, a significant diamond mine. He has been recognized with Business in Vancouver's 40 Under 40 Awards and the 2020 Greater Vancouver Board of Trade Wendy McDonald Diversity Awards Outstanding Mentor award.

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Uddeshya Agrawal is a multidisciplinary developer who has delivered creative and engaging solutions across static, dynamic, e-commerce, and social media. His works have been in newspapers since he was a child prodigy in Tech. He has a knack for deploying solutions that fuel our creativity.


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